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On the Road in Brew England

American Experiences Don Littlefield

Today begins an epic journey through multiple New England states to learn more about the history, culture, and to drink all of the beer!

Earlier this year we attended the very first Beer Tourism and Marketing Conference in Asheville, NC.

While there we met Tori Ossola, a native New Englander who serves as the Program Development Manager for TourMappers North America.

TourMappers has been in operation for decades, and they develop, promote and sell unique travel products and services in the United States to an international marketplace. In other words, they are trying to get people from around the world to visit very special parts of our country.

They created a new destination travel program called American Experiences that showcases the culture, the individuality, the flavors, and even the idiosyncrasies of America – all while visiting magnificent sites along the way.

One of those offerings is called Brew England, and Tori reached out to the Mass Brew Bus to help deliver this tour package to their guests.

This is the trip that I am pleased to be leading starting today, with a group from France, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States.

We will be learning about the history of the key cities of Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland. We’ll be learning about lobstering aboard a lobster boat, and checking out the views from the highest mountains. Our group will learn to use local ingredients and flavors to prepare a meal together, as well as explore the scenic vistas and country stores that make New England so special. The foliage along our route should be breathtaking, and the weather is shaping up to be spectacular as well.

Did I forget to mention the beer?

Along the way we will be treated to special visits to nearly 20 breweries scattered throughout the countryside. Our group will be meeting the owners and brewers, and going truly behind-the-scenes to learn more about this amazing industry.

And we’ve even got a cooler in the van so that our guests will be able to pick up beer to take home with them.

We have some very special things lined up for our guests, and it is my intention to capture the best of it along the way.

Look for daily updates from the road here, and follow along on our adventures with pictures and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Gotta hit the road now.


Don Littlefield of The Maine Brew Bus and Mass Brew Bus is leading a week-long tour of the Beaches, Bluffs, and Beers of Brew England for TourMappers North America. Look for a report from the road each day.